Thursday, September 24, 2009

Taste of Malaya

I always miss out on weekday lunch specials at restaraunts. Why? At lunchtime, I'm at school. =[ Because this is (or was) our exam week , we don't have to school when we don't have exams. So I took the opportunity to go to lunch with my parents despite the fact that I had two weeks worth of exams to study for!


A few weeks ago, we walked past all the restaraunts and cafes at Castle Towers to find somewhere to eat for lunch. We didn't end up eating there because it was all too expensive (our budget is quite low). My mum took us to Eastwood but promised me we would come back another day because there's a really good restaraunt which has weekdays specials!

Why they put their sign sideqays is beyond me. But the restaraunt was very pretty- to me anyway. The menu was quite extensive but of course, we only chose from the lunch specials which were $9.50 each which is much cheaper than the usual price of around $14 (that's a whole $5 difference! =O )

I'm probably the world's most indecisive person- if I choose what to eat at a restaraunt, it'll take me ages! So this time, I chose the Beef Rendang which my mum suggested.

Beef Rendang $9.50
I've never had beef rendang before. It's a funny name.....=] And it is so delicious! The sauce tastes a bit like curry but still different and goes really well with the rice. And the beef is incredibly soft. I think I just might have an obsession with beef rendang!

Nasi Goreng $9.50

Nasi Goreng is one of the dishes which I've heard of before. I usually have it at a chinese restaraunt where they fry a 'sunny side up' egg on top of it and serve it hot so that when you mix the raw egg yolk with the rice, it cooks the yolk. Although this egg wasn't 'sunny side up' (tehehe, I love that name), the egg yolk was half raw and still cooked in the rice. I loved this dish (but not as much as the beef rendang) because of its strong flavours and the prawn crackers! (yay!)

Chicken Mee Goreng- $9.50

I have no idea what mee goreng is. I've always though it was those packets of noodles which say 'mee goreng' on it (which actually say 'mi goreng'- oops). I never knew it was a dish. This dish tasted like normal stir fried noodles- they were nice but not all that exciting..........I prefer the packaged noodles.

The meal was quickly finished which unfortunately mean that I had to go home and study. Damn.

Edit: the lunch special prices have now increased to $10.50

Taste of Malaya
56 Castle St, Castle Hill
NSW 2154
(02) 9634 8967
(or in the Piazza section of Castle Towers)

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Two fit and fun gals said...

i LOVE mi goreng (the packet type)!

i make them sort of soggy, and fry some eggs sunny side up with extra runny yolk thats how i eat my eggs all the time

poached sometimes (but some cafes dont make it right)
and boiled, with runny yolk ofcourse

you sound like me.. i love my foods very flavoury, i cant stand bland tasteless food it has to have ZING!

Anonymous said...

I love nasi greng! its awseom!!

Anonymous said...

I love nasi greng! its awseom!!

JT @ areyouhungary said...

Beef rendang is one of my favourites..all time favourites. I'm glad you discovered it!

Anonymous said...

hey betty! is that you? u worked at taste of malaya right? for my mum?

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