Monday, September 21, 2009

Sushi Arigato

Eel Sushi

If you've been to Eastwood, you've probably passed Sushi Arigato. It's right next to the fruit shop which everyone goes to. And has lots of posters on the glass window.

We've walked past this place a billion times but have never gone in (chinese restaraunts are a lot cheaper, in comparison) but we figured that this place would probably be cheaper than Sakae so we might as well try. When we walked in, there were already so many people that there wasn't a seat for all of us (it's a restaraunt it small though) on the sushi train so we had to sit on the normal tables. It didn't matter though- we were ordering from the menu anyway.

One of its menus....
The menu is quite extensive and quite fun to read because rather than one big menu, there's about 5 small laminated sheets. It was so hard to choose! It even had a menu showing all of the sushi dishes on the sushi train conveyor! After much indecision, we decided to so with the seafood tonkotsu ramen special (which came with three sushi dishes which we could pick from the sushi train) and a sashimi salad with rice.

Salmon sushi

Our ramen came with a choice of three dishes from the sushi conveyor. We found that choosing our three dishes from the conveyor was equally as difficult as choosing our food from the menu- there were so many dishes I wanted to try because I’d never seen them before. We ended up choosing salmon and avocado sushi, eel and tuna sushi and salmon (and more salmon) sushi. They weren't the most exciting choices but they tasted great! They were pretty big too....I couldn't fit the whole thing in my mouth =]

Salmon and Avocado sushi

The people in this restaraunt seem to come in waves- by that time we sat back down, the people sitting at the conveyor had gone and the restaraunt was quite empty. Which was perfect for photo taking (there weren't too many people staring at me....)

Seafood Tonkotsu Ramen- $19.50 (with sushi)

My mum thought the seafood tonkotsu ramen looked like dirty dish water. You can't even see the noodles! Or the seafood. But it smelt delicious and tastes delicious too! And it had seafood- it was just covered by the murky (but delicious tasting) water.....there was even a mussel!

Miso Soup

The miso soup came with the sashimi salad rice. So miso soup isn't anything special but I I don't drink miso soup a why not take a picture? I later looked back to the menu (...because it's so interesting!) and found that the miso soup by itself costs $2.50!!

Sashimi Salad Rice-$16 (I think....)

Okay so the main dish. It's actually quite ugly- it looks like a mountain of vegetables. I forgot to take a picture after we took the 'mountain' apart (oops!). Well, we later found out that like the ramen, it was surprisingly good. There's quite a big selection of sashimi in there (we were expecting just tuna and salmon) along with other things and it was a lot bigger than it seemed too!

With its many posters stuck around the whole place, I noticed a poster advertising it's ramen for $7.90 for certain days of the week (lunch and dinner). Hmmm...I'll be coming back again soon! =]

Sushi Arigato
Shop 11 Eastwood Village
Progress Avenue
Eastwood NSW
(02) 98584406


Two fit and fun gals said...

funny- there is a arigato sushi - in darlinghurst!

hehe, when i read your post i thought hold on.. might my restaurant naming be wrong if this is a franchise... eheh

i used to love jap food - but i dont eat it as much, ever since i stopped eating seafood!

thanks for popping by my blog, what is your email? i like to reply via direct emails.. :)

Two fit and fun gals said...

my email is

& im from bettysbites!

Melony said...

I've been to that restaurant before but i ate at the sushi train!

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