Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Travel | 1 Day in Singapore


We don't travel much, but cheap airfares to Singapore meant that we could afford a short holiday to Asia at the end of last year- we only stopped over for a day, but we managed to squeeze quite a lot of sight seeing and eating into the short (less than) 24 hours! Not to mention the many lessons learnt through the multiple mishaps we encountered along the way as a result of us being nooby travelers.....

As our flight arrived at night, we headed straight for Chinatown to see the night markets- which the internet will have you believe 11pm. They lied.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

General Tsao's Chicken

General Tsao's Chicken

When my relatives from Asia visited the Chinese restaurant I work at , they were quite amused by what we served. Never had they encountered things like fried ice-cream, fortune cookies or stuff cooked in sweet chilli sauce. It was to them, like a completely different cuisine!

I got the same kind of amusement when I discovered General Tsao's chicken (when searching for a tasty chicken recipe) and subsequently, plenty of other Westernised Asian dishes we don't serve in Australia. Not surprisingly, it's quite akin to sweet and sour pork only better because it tastes less fake and has a greater depth of flavour (with the slightest hint of orange as well). It's ridiculously easy, as I baked instead of fried, and my family loved it so much that it's definitely going to be appearing regularly on our dinner repertoire! :)

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