Monday, April 22, 2013

Triple Choc Chip Cookies


My first ever cookbook, happened to be titled "My First Cookbook"

I'd picked it up at a school fete for around 20c, as you do at your first school fete in Year 1, for no particular reason. It was a bit shabby, but I liked its illustrations (there were no photos in this cookbook, only drawings!) and it served me well during my primary school life. Well, it taught me to make scrambled eggs to survive those early Sunday mornings when my parents woke up 3 hours after me, and gave me plenty of inspiration back before I found baking as enjoyable as I do now :)

Saturday, April 13, 2013

New China Restaurant, Ryde

Mini Spring Rolls

We've made a bit of a habit of purchasing coupons for meals last year, but we don't often purchase coupons for chinese food as we have plenty of favourite chinese restuarants already which are cheap and cheerful. And to be honest, having grown up with Chinese food, it's a little boring most of the time ;) The scoopon deal for New China Restaurant is quite different though, offering an all-you-can eat fare, with a selection of entree and main dishes. Now we've had all you can eat Japanese, sushi, Korean and everything, but never Chinese, so we were quite interested to see how it worked out!

The restaurant is quite empty on the night we visit, with one three or so table there, most with scoopons also. The service is friendly, and we are told that for this deal, we must all start with an entree each, followed by as many mains as we want but that every two main dishes comes with either fried or boiled rice.

Fried Wontons

Of course, we go for the fried entrees- spirng rolls and fried wontons. The spring rolls are tiny bite-sized pieces, and although we're not the biggest fans of spring rolls, we do enjoy them. The fried wontons have obviously been left in the fryer for too long, being dark brown instead of golden and thus rather hard. We do order them again later in the meal, after seeing our neighbour's wontons looking quite good, and this time they were not over-fried but weren't the best wontons we've had.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

(Not Really) Hot Cross Buns


How quickly times flies when you're having fun!!

I've reached the end of yet another holiday (though I think this one was much too short to be classified a holiday) but it's flown through without me noticing, and now it's been a week since Easter and I feel like it too late to post these! Then again, it feels like I only made these yesterday :)

Being Asian and all that, the only way we 'celebrate' Easter is with a couple of Easter eggs (but not Easter egg hunts!). To get into the spirit of things, I've always wanted to make hot cross buns.....but I can't stand the fruits and spices that go into them! But I wasn't going to let that stop me this year- so my solution is this: get rid of everything that I don't like and then bake them anyway! :)

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