Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Pulled Pork, Two Ways


Thought I'd start the new year with something exciting, but I haven't actually made anything exciting lately so I'm posting these lazy pulled pork recipes instead to reflect my laziness as of late.

You can probably tell from the fact that my first post of 2015 comes a whole 27 days into the new year (:

January is usually my laziest month of the year, especially having just come back from holidays a couple of weeks back and being plunged back into normal life. Thank goodness it's still holidays!

Pulled pork is something I've always wanted to make, but given the time it takes to cooked pulled pork, I've shyed away from it (slow cooking isn't really my thing). That is, until I had the idea of cooking the leftover pork from my mum's Asian soups in the sauce to cut the cooking time down to around 5 minutes! The result is amazing- nice soft pork in sweet BBQ sauce. I can't say it's exactly the same as the real stuff, but it's pretty damn close!
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