Thursday, December 8, 2011

Platform 7 Cafe, Sydenham

Platform 7 Cafe

My experience with cafe breakfasts is minimal not only because I can never wake up on time, but also because I tend to go for the lunch menu items than the breakfast ones! So when the lovely people from Food Morning invited me to try out the all-day breakfast menu at Platform 7 cafe, I was only too happy to take on the offer.

The cafe is small and cosy, and by the time we arrive, it's already half full, making it a little difficult to seat our table of three (I've brought my parents along). The service is great though, and table is quickly cleared for us.

Platform 7 cafe
Caffè latte

I'm told that their coffees (Allpress) are great, and to be honest, I was a little afraid that I wouldn't have much to comment on, since I probably can't tell the difference between a good coffee and a bad one. My mum is not much of a coffee drinker either, but she enjoyed her caffe latte very much, claiming it to be one of the best coffees she's had.


My mocha is quite a sight, with its beautiful drizzle of chocolate sauce over the top (which happened to end up all over my fingers!). Since I'm not too fond of coffee, I tend to like my mochas on the sweet and chocolatey side. This mocha was not particularly sweet or chocolatey, but the coffee wasn't too bitter and was actually so good that I managed to enjoy it without the need to add extra sugar like I usually do!

Orange Juice

We are also served orange juice, which are beautifully coloured (my mum thought it looked like mango juice). It's deliciously light and fresh, not surprisingly since it's freshly squeezed.

Spinach and Fetta Scrambled Eggs and Toast $10.50

It doesn't take us long to decide what to order, since the menu is not too extensive. We go for the Spinach and fetta scrambled egg, which are deliciously creamy and fluffy. We didn't really notice the taste of feta. though that's just as well as my parents aren't too fond of cheese. I was a little bit disappointed with their sourdough toast, as I would have preferred thick cut.

P7 breakfast $13

But the star of the show is definitely the P7 breakfast which easily wins over the scrambled eggs with its ginormous portion size, leaving us very satiated- and quite satisfyingly so. The double fried eggs are done perfectly, as are the field mushrooms, which are incredibly tasty. Our favourite component of this breakfast was definitely the bacon, which had a good amount of fat, wasn't too salty and best of all, fried until very crispy- we usually cut away the fat of bacon before eating, but we had to make an exception this time and did not leave a single bit behind!

If all cafe breakfasts are as good as this, I really need to get out and eat more breakfasts!

Von dined as a guest of Platform 7 Cafe and Food Morning

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Mel said...

Looks like a good way to start the day. The mocha looks great - but extra sugar, tut tut (lol). I had to "teach" myself to drink coffee years ago so I could "do coffee" with my friends. The things we do.

Sara - Belly Rumbles said...

Oh real freshly squeezed orange juice,heaven.

Kiran @ said...

Everything looks drool-worthy. I love breakfast (brunch is the best, actually) :)

Nic@diningwithastud said...

How funny! I had the complete opposite and my toast were cut the size of three lol. I found the same with the feta

Jennifer (Delicieux) said...

It's funny reading your review and Nic's from Dining With a Stud, as Nic found her toast really thick. Maybe different chefs worked when you went there? I do love a good breakfast though!

Dolly said...

ive never tried allpress... but ive heard its good.

the mocha looks awesome!

JasmyneTea said...

I would kill for some freshly squeezed OJ right now! Great post :)

Jayanthy Kumaran said... your impressive presentation..thnks for sharing..:)
Tasty Appetite

Viv said...

really like your honest and easy to read review von :D

that drizzled mocha looks really pretty and id go for the big breakfast too if i were there haha.

btw, youve really been blogging much more than usual now that unis over ;)

merry x'mas and looking fwd to read more of vondelicious next year :D

chow and chatter said...

telling you i hva travelled a lot and Australia has amazing coffee places

Mari Nuñez said...

Nice Caffè latte, goes perfect with my cookies. Thank you for your comment.

Have a great weekend :)

Nicole @ Bake Me Blush said...

I absolutely must go to this cafe. My jaw just dropped right open at the sight of that mocha, with the chocolate sauce drizzle dripping down the sides...

Vivian - vxdollface said...

haha i just read Nic's post on it and you seem to have had a better time than than she did!

grace said...

that orange juice looks so thick and tasty! nice find, von. :)

Joanne said...

I really think I need to move. Everything looks amazing!

Shirley @ Kokken69 said...

Scrumptious breakfast like this with family... a great way to start the day.

Shoutforfood said...

that is a nice cafe... would love to spend my whole afternoon.

Rita (mademoiselle délicieuse) said...

Haha, you gotta find places which serve all-day breakfasts!

And that caffe latte? Whilst I obviously can't taste it from here, I'm afraid it looks a lot more like a cappucino from your photo =(

T and Tea Cake said...


You have no idea how much I envy you! I did not have a really day off since idontknowwhen! I'm pretty much in the middle of the semester now (the system is a bit different here) and will only have like ten days off for the holidays. January will be exam time, then. Big Boo.

Glad your macarons turned out amazingly (and they really don't look as shabby as you make it sound like).
Frankly, macarons are things that I still have not managed to make but they are defo on my list (whenever I find the time again to actually get to cook and bake).


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