Wednesday, February 10, 2010

J.J Sushi

If you ever wonder how teenagers remain so skinny these days, it because they have terribly small appetites. On our school camp last year we got three sausages, a pile of mashed potatoes and some peas for dinner. The sausages were normal (I'm guessing pork?) thin sausages like the ones you get from the supermarket. Not the most interesting dinner, but what was surprising was that most of the girls didn't manage to finish it!

Which is why, half a year later, when my friend decided to take us to a sushi train, I was not surprised that they only had two dishes each. I was planning to go to Kansai that night, which is why I ate a minimal amount (just enough to supress my feeling of hunger) and I STILL managed to eat more than them.

Situated in Paramatta, it's not too close to the shopping centre, so it's not too busy, but that also means that the prices are not as high as, say, Sushi bay. All of the dishes are around the $3 mark, with the most expensive being $3.50 (I think). They also had many unfamiliar dishes, which I always find fun to try.

Seaweed Salad Sushi
I had warned my friends that I was to photograph their food. However, I still managed to miss the first dish. By the time I noticed, my friend had already finished half of it.....

Fried Mussels

A lover of fried foods, I decided to try this, just for the fun of trying something new (to be honest, I had no idea what this was until I looked at the menu). My friend warned me that it didn't taste good- I should have listened. You see, I forgot one very important thing when eating at sushi trains- the fried foods have steam on their covers when they're hot. The lid to this dish? Was clear. Absolutely no water vapour at all. Consequently, the mussels were cold (no, not even warm) and hard. Yes. Hard.

Terriyaki Sushi
It took my friend about 10 minutes before picking her first dish. Because she sat there, intent on getting a plate of terriyaki sushi. It took ten minutes to find one, and there weren't any after that. How lucky!
The sushi was quite large in size (compared to the other sushi) and not too bad for the price. It also took a LONG time for my friend to finish, and it was very very messy. Nevertheless, we had a very fun time photographing and videoing her eat the sushi (which was too large to fit in the mouth at once) with chopsticks (let's just say, her chopstick skills were, errr....non existent =P)
From what I heard though, the sushi was quite delicious. But then again, terriyaki will always please =] It did however, leave my friend feeling very full- so full that she was contemplating whether or not to get a second dish.
Fried Prawn Inside Out Roll

After the not so great experience with the fried mussels, I decided to try another of their fried dishes- this time, making sure that the lid was covered in water vapour. This however, did not ensure that the fried prawns were hot- they were still warm but not as hot as I had expected. Nevertheless, they were crunchy and the fried prawns with lettuce and mayonnaise was a nice combination.

Seafood Croquettes

Recommended by my friend, they decided to order on each, me skipping out because I'd already eaten two dishes. Although I did not know if they were hot they were(although I suspect they weren't) , they must have tasted good becuase it's something that my friend orders each time she comes here. They didn't look too bad either!

Japanese Cotton Cheesecake
A meal is never complete without something sweet, and this japanese cotton cheesecake was the perfect way to finish this one. I've never had dessert at a sushi train, mainly because I've never been to one with dessert (no, fruit does no count). So I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was japanese cotton cheesecake on offer- something which I'd always wanted to try. It was really good- it tasted like a cheesecake, only with a texture like a sponge cake (although slightly less airy than a normal sponge cake).

J.J Sushi
3/188 Church St
Parramatta NSW 2150
(02) 9891 1399


Steph said...

Von I saw your thingo on Taste of Malaya.. I haven't been there before but if you're still interested in Malaysian food the most "authentic" place (according to myself and some other malaysian friends LOL) is this small restaurant in Thornleigh called Makan @ Alice's :) 'makan' just means 'eat' in Malay :P It's worth a try if you haven't been before :)

Anonymous said...

=O You finally blogged about thisss ! This was like ages ago haha.

Eyes Bigger Than Belly said...

I love love love Sushi!! Sushi train is one of my fabvourite lunches and I have a fave place in every city I visit - pretty pathetic huh? I have also gotten sick twice from Sushi "hot" food that was not hot... so yes - looking for the water vapour is ALWAYS a good idea!! :)

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