Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Halloween! (and a visit to Max Brenners)

Happy Halloween to all!

I know it's a day late.
But I didn't get to celebrate Halloween this year. We did however, get one group of kids knocking on our door- which was shocking as it hasn't happened for at least 5 years. We had lots of fun giving lollies to the kids =]

My sister got to go trick or treating - something which I've never done. And she got some pretty interesting things- boxes of chocolate, tim tams and even money!

And then the day after halloween, we found out that some kids had chucked eggs at our house.
Thanks kids.

So, back to the original subject of this post- Max Brenners.

I've never been to Max Brenners. I mean I've been inside, but I've never actually eaten there- but I've always wanted to go. I don't think I'm a chocaholic (I'm pretty sure that you can love chocolate more than I do) but I still love chocolate and Max Brenners is another one of those places which all teenagers go to.

This school holidays, my friend decided to take me there. We went to the one at Parramatta and at around 3:30, the place was so busy! We ordered a waffle (between two of us) since I didn't know what to order. Then we sat down and waited...... and waited....... and waited.

The table we were at (the only free table when we went in) was in the corner, right in front of the door which doesn't seem to close. Which was unfortunate, because the wind was particularly cold that day so we sat there waiting for our food whilst we slowly froze to death.

By the time the food actually came out we had all gotten so bored that we were playing with the number sign thing which was given to us. And accidently then put out of the view of the waiter who walked all the way around the store just to try and find us. Oops.

Luckily, the waffles were still warm when they came.
And still warm after I took pictures =]

I'll admit, I've never had a waffle before. So I don't know how it compares to other waffles-but at $5.50 each, I'm guessing they're pretty good. I quite liked it- it was warm, soft and sort of crunchy on the outside (and went well with the chocolate). However, it didn't make me want to buy a waffle maker and make my own. I would eat it again, but if I ever go to Max Brenners again, I'd probably try something else.

Looking back at the pictures, the waffle itself doesn't look all that interesting.
It's all just brown.


Two fit and fun gals said...



peasepudding said...

I love going in Max Brenners too when I'm in Sydney but have never eaten in there either. Nice to know there is one in Parramatta as will be back in Sydney next week and the company I work for is in Rydalmere so maybe I will get time to try their waffles! Small world isn't it?

Von said...

Hi Betty Yay! I actually the photos made the waffles look kinda disgusting. It's so brown it kinda looks like poo.

Hi peasepudding wow- that's so cool!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Mmm love those waffles! :D Sorry to hear about the eggs vandalism though! :(

mike@scallopsandpancetta said...

Slightly belated comment but just thought I'd let you know that in my opinion the Max Brenner waffles really aren't that good at all. If you ever go to Europe, you can buy amazing waffles at almost any street corner in France or Belgium.

Brenner's waffles are OK I suppose, but I'm sure there's somewhere better in Sydney! We just need to find it.

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