Sunday, August 23, 2009

First (food related) post!

So. Six days after writing my first post (if that one counted) and I'm already behind on posts. I've realised how difficult blog writing is..... I look up to all those food bloggers who update their posts everday!

Anyway, last weekend, my sister took on the challenge of not eating for one and a half days. Why? It was the 40 hour famine weekend!!

Which was the perfect excuse for me to not only to bake something (maybe I'll write about that in my next post...) but also to go out and have an awesome lunch =] at
Thai spelndid in Rouse Hill. Okay fine. Not just me. Because I can't go out by myself (technically, I could......except I'm not walking all the way to Rouse Hill!!). Although I had been here before, I got very very excited because I love thai food!

To anyone who's been to Rouse Hill Town Centre, the restaraunt is right next to the cinemas so we used to pass it everytime we went to watch a movie. They smelt really good too!

They have a lunch menu which costs from $12 a meal depending on whether you choose vegetarian, seafood, chicken, beef etc. and comes with a coke or water. I had a hard time choosing what to order because everything looked so good. And then I had a hard time choosing whether I wanted chicken or beef......but I'm always that indecisive=]

The food comes and it's all pretty and glossy. It's just begging for a picture to be taken! First was the Pad Thai.

Beef Pad Thai $12 (with drink)

As you can see, my photo taking skills suck. The dish looked so pretty before..... It tasted really good. I haven't had many Pad Thai's before so i love it! It's sweet and full of flavour. I usually don't like to eat sprputs or nuts but I finish the whole thing. On the topic of Pad Thai, I once watched a video on Youtube of Pad Thai being made in a boat! I've never been to Thailand so I thought it was really cool. And apparently it's really cheap too. One day I will go to Thailand and try it.......

Chicken Thai Fried Rice $12 (with drink)

Second to come is the Chicken Thai Fried Rice. It's also pretty and glossy like the Pad Thai- only my lack of photo taking skills ruined it and it doesn't look as pretty and tasty as in real life. I preferred the Pad Thai over the rice, but that's because I generally like Pad Thai more than fried rice. However, I prefer this fried rice over many that I've tried before. It was delicous! Because it was so glossy (umm...oil i guess?) it wasn't dry like normal fried rice. And there was so much chicken!!! (which is a good thing!)

So there we have it. My first (food related) post. YAY!!!!! I can now call myself a.....FOODBLOGGER!!! =]


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