Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Hocko's Chicken Shop, Broken Hill

We'd been given a little town tour by the uni on our arrival to Broken Hill, some 5 week ago now, and had driven past this cute little corner takeaway store. It's called Hocko's Chicken Shop, but we had misread it to be Hocko's Chicken Soup so when we rocked up on a cold day expecting some warm chicken soup, we were a little surprised to when we read the menu. 

There's no chicken soup in sight, but there is plenty of fried chicken and burgers which sounds just as good!
The Outback Burger ($6.95)

We'd eaten not too long ago, so decided to share a burger, and the 'Outback burger' seemed so fitting seeing as we were in the outback! 

We're glad we decided to share as it's quite a filling burger, with a big slab of fried chicken breast in the middle, deep fried til golden brown and impressively crispy. There's also plenty of filling between the toasted bun, with smoky bacon, cheese, tomato, beetroot, lettuce and bbq sauce. 

And it's every bit as tasty as it looks!

Chips and Gravy (Lge $5.95)

And you can't have a burger without chips so we order a large chips and gravy, which is deep fried to order so it's very hot and crispy. We're quite fond of the gravy also, and we're glad they've given us a pretty generous serving!

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Navaneetham Krishnan said...

I like the burger. The chicken inside is cooked very nicely. Perhaps the portion will be big for a small eater like me too. The fries not so fancied but of course a must for the burger.

Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

lol at misreading soup for shop. But I definitely would have been elated to find fried chicken instead! And chips with gravy is always a winner!

Amelia said...

Hi Von, love the chips and the burger, its definitely to die for kind. Nice click.

Have a wonderful weekend, regards.

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