Thursday, April 16, 2015

Quick Creamy Pesto Pasta


You always find the good recipes at the weirdest of times, when you're least expecting it, and most recently for me, this was when I whipped up a quick pasta some 10 minutes before I rushed off to work.

I've made plenty of pastas before, and have gone through plenty of pasta recipes which I've closely followed and planned ahead but none have quite been quite as good as this one which I threw together in hopes of bringing something edible for my work lunch. Sometimes you can get more than you wish for!

Pasta 3

Monday, April 6, 2015

Tenkomori Ramen House, Haymarket


Regent Place, or the Japanese alleyway on George street as I like to call it, seems to get busier and busier these days, with plenty of people lining up for fancy ice cream throughout the day and plenty more diners visiting for a quick ramen fix at Tenkomori....if they can first make it through the crowds at AquaS and Chanoma.

I'd visited Tenkomori on plenty of occasions previously though they were often at times when it was pretty quiet, so I was a little surprised at the line and lack of seating when I got there at 6pm on a weekday night. Luckily, the queue moved pretty quickly, and there was enough seating for everyone as people tend to come and go pretty quickly.

Gyozas and Seaweed Salad

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Short Trip to Melbourne


It surprises most people that despite having lived in Australia all my life, I've never ventured much out of Sydney. With domestic airfares being dirt cheap most of the year nowadays, it was about time that I started exploring other states, starting with Melbourne.

Because the trip was a sudden decision and we had bigger plans for another holiday further down the track, we tried to keep costs to a minimum and there wasn't much of a planning, with last minute searches on Urbanspoon to decide our dining destinations for the day. Nevertheless, much fun was to be had in this exciting city!

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