Saturday, March 8, 2014

Steamed Chive Dumplings

The uni semester has once again started, meaning lots of early mornings, late finishes, long lectures, long bus rides etc etc etc.....and inevitably, the lack of time to do anything I really want to do :(

I didn't get to much in the holidays (hence the lack of blogging this year) because all I really felt like doing was sitting around and do nothing, which was sorta what ended up happening and now there's a little bit of regret for not doing some things I should have.....

My mum made some chive potstickers one day, and since she had quite a bit of the filling left, I made some steamed chive dumplings the next day because I think chives go better with steamed dumplings (though that's probably just my thing). I don't make dumplings often so my dumpling skins were a bit thicker than they should have been and I didn't realise that steaming them for 15 minutes instead of 5 (as my filling had pork in it whereas normal chive dumplings don't) would break most of the dumpling skins (well there goes my half and hour of wrapping and pleating!). Nevertheless, they were delicious and well worth the effort :)

I haven't included the recipe for the filling as I wouldn't use pork next time (since it takes too long to steam) so use whatever filling you feel like!

Steamed Dumpling (Wrappers)
Recipe from Trendy Dim Sum in Hong Kong

188g tang flour
375g boiling water
25g tapioca starch

1. Pour boiling water into sifted wheat flour and tapioca starch, stir rapidly to cook, cover with a lid and leave for a while and then knead into wheat flour dough. Note: you need to knead the dough while it is still very hot (basically as hot as you can handle) as it becomes less workable when it cools
2. Divide dough into 30 portions (each weighing roughly 16g) then add a spoonful of your desired filling and wrap into a dumpling shape.
3. Steam dumplings in a steamer on high heat for 4 minutes.


yummychunklet said...

What delicate and tasty looking dumplings!

Elzbieta Hester said...

My Goodness, they look like little clouds! What a treat! :) ela

Nami | Just One Cookbook said...

I LOVE the texture of these steamed dumpling skin! Looks so pretty and delicious!!!

Andrea said...

We haven't made dumplings in a long time (probably because I can't eat gluten anymore and therefore can't use my regular recipe...). A few years ago, we made them quite regularly and the kid loved to help. We'll have to make some again soon!

Lia Teixeira said...

They look absolutely delicious!!

Julie said...

Your dumplings look great - your pleating looks so professional! And well done on fitting in cooking during your busy uni schedule - I am very impressed!

sprinklesandsauce said...

those the most perfect dumplings i have ever seen! love chives!

Amelia said...

Hi, your dumpling look so good. Your wrapping look so neat and pretty. Well done!

Have a nice day.

Carl Joe Wright said...

Steamed Chime Dumpling looks great . Hope it also taste great. There are dumplings here in Kiama Australia.

Juliana said...

Wow Von, these chive dumplings look so cute, you sure made them very elegant.
Have a great weekend :D

John Gorge said...

Steamed Chive Dumplings looks great and yummy. Hope that restaurants and hotels in Brisbane serve this dumplings also.

grub said...

Your pleats are amazing! I can't even wrap wontons properly! Looks like I'll have to show my dad this recipe so he can make me dumplings :P

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